Ep 275

The clock is literally ticking, and your urgent action is needed to avert an economic disaster. Today we are alerting you about a very serious national security issue, and it is happening on Wall Street. Recently the New York Stock Exchange went to the SEC and basically said, "Hey, we want to change all of the history and all of the rules that we've had in this nation for 200-plus years. And really, from the very beginning of the definition of what a corporation is, we want to change it so we can financialize nature and make a little profit off what trees do and what grass does and things like that." This is a total scam, but it's being foisted upon us by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, Wall Street, and our government. Frank Gaffney joins Kevin Freeman to explain what the SEC, NYSE, and IEG are doing to take over our land, water, and air. There is a very small window for action.


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